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Eliminate the unknown

Basing only on the opinions or experience and not on qualitative and quantitative facts lead to bad decisions. Why we are doing this? What do those metrics mean and why the same metrics are different in the two systems? Data-first companies are using data to ask more questions to drive growth. We help them answer those questions.

Break down data silos

Unifying data across the company should be your top priority. Storing data in formats that are inconsistent with one another leads to time-consuming manual work before getting any useful insights. By integrating data in one platform we help companies optimize decision making and business processes

Connect data to business goals

We customize our platform to company business goals. Every company needs a tailored approach to get the most efficient use of data. Being a data-first company is a process so we need small steps to achieve a goal not an overwhelming tool with hundreds of reports and functions.

How you can use PragmaticBOX platform?
Customers love to be Pragmatic
"We have been cooperating with PragmaticAD for over 2 years, they provide an innovative service thanks to which our business is 100% protected against fraud, which translates into specific savings.
I recommend this company to anyone who has an online store - with PragmaticAD you pay only for the actual advertising effect, without the risk of unnecessary costs."
Krzysztof Basek - Wittchen Wholesale and Export Director
"The Pragmatic platform allows us to meet our most important analytical needs in one tool, presenting data that reflect the actual state of our activities. It gives us significant time savings and more effective budget optimization. The team that supports us is also very responsive and helpful in creating dashboards personalized especially for us."
Marcin Opaliński - Head of Online&Commerce Marketing
"As a company specializing in consulting in the field of digital marketing, we very often recommend our clients to use the PragmaticAD platform. The system provides not only standard measurements but also extensive analytical capabilities and business-important anti-fraud solutions. Easy implementation, high quality of service in relation to the price, and great support are the strengths of PragmaticAD"
Anna Elwart - Madokado Founder

Do we bet we show you the data in a way that you’ve never seen before? Try PragmaticBOX

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