Create affiliate network

Establish direct cooperation with Media Partners from any channel and build individual relationships that will pay off, without unnecessary costs for intermediaries

Thanks to the PragmaticBOX platform, you can easily open a fully equipped affiliate network in no time. We will guide you through the entire configuration process so that at the end of the day you will be left with a fully operational campaign, ready to invite media partners.

We got everything you need:
Affiliate partner panel

Easy-to-use panel in which the Publisher can:

  • check the current results,
  • apply for the campaign,
  • download measuring codes,
  • account for the effects
Media Partners CRM

Build your own Partner marketplace with contact details, channel breakdown, space addresses and collaboration opportunities beyond standard display solutions.

Go formal

By undertaking cooperation, both parties agree to specific conditions, determined automatically when setting up the campaign and order. Ready to download at any time.

Custom billing models

Within one campaign, you can individually bill a Media Partner, channel, category, without duplicating costs. You can create extensive billing models that take into account the margin and indirect costs (e.g. transport, product category, basket levels, etc.).

Automatic creatives management

Automatic format verification, url correctness and iab standardization, ensure trouble-free broadcasting. Set the creative activity time so that the old lines turn off by themselves. Creative visibility measurement.

Dashboards and reports

A clear dashboard presenting the most important information in real time in company with detailed reports with the possibility of filtering, sorting, and changing columns, thanks to which you will be truly data driven.

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