10 March 2022 Analityka

How to decode the Direct source in Google Analytics?

direct in google analytics

Direct traffic in Google Analytics is often understood as only traffic coming from direct entries by typing the domain name into the browser or clicking on a saved bookmark. In fact, this is only part of the truth and it is worth considering how such traffic can be decoded to refine our analysis. The official traffic aggregation scheme in Google Analytics is described here. How does PragmaticBOX help to solve the most popular reasons for aggregating traffic to the Direct source?

Errors in UTM parameters and their absence

PragmaticBox recognizes any parameters communicated by analytical and advertising systems. Even in the case of errors or deficiencies in the transfer of UTM parameters, we are able to properly allocate the traffic. For example, when only the affiliate_ID parameter has been passed, we identify the traffic and mark it as affiliation. Also, we have an alert dashboard that helps identify errors in tagging your sources

Non-Web Documents

Traffic from documents such as PDF, PowerPoint, or Word, as well as from e-mail clients, constitutes a significant share of Direct traffic in B2B businesses. The work of the sales department with marketing in this area overlaps strongly. As a solution, we create accounts for the sales department on the PragmaticBOX platform where they can download personalized links identifying a given person. Links are then added to additional materials and emails to identify traffic from their activities along the user’s path. This allows you to deepen the analysis of the impact of marketing on commercial activities.

Internal traffic

The more employees, the more such a movement recognized as Direct will be. The solution in this case may be to indicate specific IPs to be marked as internal traffic. A request to all employees to add a tab in the browser with the appropriate parameter and recommendation to enter the company website through this tab

Offline Campaigns

Increased Direct traffic can be correlated with the activities carried out on TV or Radio. PragmaticBOX is able to combine the impact of offline campaigns thanks to the combination of data on campaigns and accurate information about the time of user interaction. Additionally, mark such interactions on the user’s funnel to see the impact of these campaigns and online engagement.

Redirect loops

The use of too many measuring systems leads to the loss of parameters marking the source and the turnouts between individual systems. The PragmaticBox platform also includes a campaign management module, which allows you to measure and account for campaigns and measure web analytics in one platform.

If you want to learn more about how to improve the analysis of individual traffic sources talk with our experts.

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