28 July 2021 Data Integration

How to use data from Google Search Console API?


Connecting data from Google Search Console with our tool Data Integration to the PragmaticBOX platform allows for effective use of data from Google Search Console API. Personalized data visualization to observe positioning metrics from one platform. Identify the content that works best for your potential customers.

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) is a free tool used to monitor how Google sees our site and optimize its presence in the search engine. The data we can view in the tool includes: mobile site performance, extended search results, as well as queries and pages with the highest traffic.

GSC Dimensions and metrics

Google search query – the search term that generated your site views in the Google search engine.

Display in Google search engine – every time your site appears in the search results, it generates an impression. A user does not need to see your site in a search engine for the impression to count.

Click in the Google search engine – a user clicks a link to your website in the Google search engine. Clicks on Search Console do not count as clicks on Google Ads ads.

Average position in the Google search engine – your site’s average ranking in Google search results. Items from all queries are taken into account.

CTR in the Google search engine – the click-through rate is the number of clicks divided by the impressions multiplied by 100. For example if our site appears in 10 searches and generates 2 clicks, our CTR will be 20%.

The most interesting data from Google Search Console

  • What keywords does your website rank for and what results does it achieve in search rankings?

Thanks to this, you can check the effectiveness of keywords that you use when creating articles or general content for the website.

  • How are users reacting to your site in search results?

The indicators that determine the degree of user interaction with your site are: all clicks, all impressions, average CTR, average position in the search engine.

  • What sites link to your site?

Shows which other sites have links pointing to your site and which pages have the most links.

  • How your website is positioned in the search engine ?

React to increases and decreases in position for specific keywords in real-time thanks to quick reports.

  • Does your website contain errors?

Eliminating error pages allows you to improve the user experience with your website.

Benefits of data integration with GSC in the Pragmatic Box

Visualization of data from GSC in the PragmaticBOX platform

Data from Google Search Console is processed by the PragmaticBOX platform and visualized for the client’s needs. Positioning is an important element of the marketing of any company, so it is worth monitoring the positions and the most important keywords on an ongoing basis. A dashboard dedicated to Google Search Console, related to positioning in one analytical platform, saves time and provides easy access to the most important indicators related to the presence of your website in the search engine.

Possibility to include other SEO tools

Connecting data from other SEO tools allow you to create a comprehensive dashboard related to the positioning of your website. The process of logging in and combining data is often time-consuming, so with our algorithms, we try to save users from the tedious work associated with reporting and presenting conclusions.

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