16 July 2019 Insights

PragmaticAD is a supporting member of PZIP


PragmaticAD has become a supporting member of Polish Association of Lending Institutions to help loan companies in digital growth. Affiliate Management, Fraud Prevention, and Digital Analytics are the main fields that fintech companies are interested to optimize. We believe that cooperation with PZIP can drive fintech companies to deliver better results in the digital marketing space. As technological partners, we customize our platform for clients’ business needs and help with data cleaning, integration, and visualization. Fintech companies have special needs for user information that helps them deliver better products for their customers.

The solutions developed by PragmaticAD respond to the need for an appropriate analysis of large amounts of marketing data. Every company promoting its services and products on the Internet encounters. They enable, among others analysis of customer behavior, research on the effectiveness of marketing activities, and a platform for managing cooperation with multiple partners.

PragmaticAd also provides consulting services in the field of digital transformation. Helping companies to go through the process of advanced digitization both in marketing activities. In the field of e-commerce, project management, and data analytics.

Modern digital marketing is crucial in the process of acquiring new customers – especially for the online loan industry. Promotional activities are an important element in the budgets of loan institutions and their optimization is very much needed. Especially in the difficult market dominated by advertising giants. We hope that PragmaticAd as a Supporting Member of PZIP will contribute to the even faster development of the fintech sector in Poland “– says Jarosław Ryba, President of the Board Polish Association of Lending Institutions

The Polish Association of Loan Institutions brings together loan institutions operating on the Polish market and other enterprises operating in the sector’s environment. technology and consulting companies, small payment institutions, affiliate systems, and credit information providers.

Jarosław Ryba, President of the Board Polish Association of Lending Institutions (2019-06-19)

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