Data Connectors

Connect any source of data to any visualisation tool or data warehouse

Start from 500 PLN
  • Eliminate time spent on manual data processing and reporting
  • Transform and send data to multiple destinations
  • Save time on logging and downloading reports
Data Transformation and Visualisation

Integration and transformation data from many sources to get proper insights and visualisation on dashboards and reports

Start from 2000 PLN
  • Data cleansing, the process of deleting useless data fields
  • Data structuring/mapping, the process of defining data types and the connections between them
  • Adding metadata to enrich the information with details
  • Visualisation on dashboards and reports
Click Fraud Prevention

Identify bad quality clicks and save your marketing budgets

Start from 200 PLN
  • Duplicated Clicks and accidental Clicks
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Clicks from a different domain than you bought
  • Bot detection
  • Proper Geo detection
Advanced Fraud Prevention

Identify most sophisticated fraud activities

Start from 500 PLN


  • Cookie Stuffing
  • Google Brand Bidding
  • Domain Typosquatting
  • Browser Hijackers
  • Malware, AdWare
  • Fake Browser or Device

Control viewability of your ads and eliminate paying for un-viewed impressions

Start from 3000 PLN
  • Per-impression measurement of viewability
  • Pay only for visible ads
  • Identify placements that have low-quality impressions rating
Attribution Modelling

Individually building user paths, combining external traffic with internal movement on the website

Start from 5000 PLN

Understand how users are generating revenue on your website:

  • Gathering, cleaning and joining data
  • Building customer journey of every user
  • Dedicated attribution modelling based on data
  • Analysing impact of every marketing channel
  • Transparent reporting and dashboards
  • Check REAL ROI from every campaign or marketing channel – forget about Last-Click attribution
Digital Analytics

Personalised website analytics tool for your business - 100% Data Ownership

Start from 2500 PLN

 We make tailored analytics platform to your business:

  • Define own rules of data collection
  • No Data Sampling
  • Correct implementation errors of the tags on your website
  • Monitor own KPIs
  • Track any event or action made by user
  • Personalised reporting and dashboards dedicated to your needs
Campaign Manager

Track any of your campaign Real-Time

Start from 2500 PLN

Control all digital activities:

  • Set up campaigns, placements, ads and creatives
  • Track impressions, clicks, events and conversions
  • Manage Creatives: Display, Mailing, Text Links, Product Feeds
  • Monitor campaign performance
  • Personalised Dashboards and Reporting
Affiliate Management

Build your own partnerships with Publishers

Start from 2500 PLN

Automate cooperation with publishers:

  • Automated tracking and payment process with publishers
  • White-label
  • Postback cookie-less tracking
  • Optimize publishers performance thanks to real-time reports
  • Connect Affiliate Networks directly to our platform
B2B Partners Manager

Create new sales channel

Start from 2500

Let B2B companies recommend your product:

  • Automated tracking and payment process with b2b partners
  • White-label
  • Individual payment and tracking scenarios
  • Dedicated Dashboards and Reports with partners performance
  • Automated provision for recommended sales

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